Thursday, May 28, 2009

They got the beat

For Memorial Day weekend I decided to jump in the Jeep and head to Vegas for the second time this month to see my family. We spent the weekend watching movies, playing cards, swimming and above all, playing DDR on Wii the right way. First Bren and I discovered how much easier it is to get an A through teamwork. He did the hands while I did the steps. We dominated. Next we discovered how much more entertaining it is to mimic the backup dancers rather than actually dance. Here's a video of Bren, Brody and Devin rocking it to "We Got The Beat."

It was a wonderful weekend. Thanks again McLeod family!!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I love my mom

I thought it would be selfish of me not to share this conversation I had with my mom via texting today. As an added bonus I think people will understand my personality more as they come to know the woman who raised me.

Mom: "So sad. Nordstrom sale today and you're not here."

Cait: "Awwww! No way! Get me some cute stuff."

Mom: "I'm already home. I bought a cute dress."

Cait: "You mean for me, right?"

Mom: "Sorry... it's for conference. You want to go?? Gee wants you on stage!"

(Brief explanation: My family's company has a conference every year where all the grand kids usually come out on stage. Since I'm a decade older than all of them, I look a little out of place but my grandma loves to have me out there anyway. And my mom likes to rub it in my face.)

Cait: "Tell her I'm not cute like I used to be."

Mom: "I will tell her."

Cait: "Thanks. I'm sick of summer. I want to come home."

Mom: "I'm on the deck laying out. I love summer!"

Cait: "Thanks mom."

Mom: "You bet!"

No matter how hard I try my mom will never pity me. It reminds me of the time this little five year old boy broke his knee on our playground in our backyard and my mom told him if he didn't stop crying he would have to go home. I love it.

Now my lack of compassion makes more sense, doesn't it?

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I'm still learning things I ought to know by now

I'm almost an official adult and I'm just now learning things I should have had down a long time ago. For example...

1. Faith and fear cannot coexist. If I'm trying to pray for all of this guidance in my life, I can't be afraid of where Heavenly Father's going to guide me. If it's a mission, great. If it's not, great? Faith makes things possible, not easy.

2. I get attached too easily and have major separation anxiety sometimes. I swear I'm like a puppy except not as cute. I need to grow and change, therefore I should let other people do the same, right? Ugh. As excited as I am for the future, sometimes I want things to stay exactly as they are.

3. My mom was right. No matter how many invitations I send out, no one will come to my pity party.

4. My dad was right. Every day is a good day, some are just better than others. Good things happen to positive people.

5. My first impression is never right. Never. Like when I met Brook Boyer in AP Euro my sophomore year of high school and thought she was way too cool for me. We're still best friends (but she is still way too cool for me, she's just really humble). Or when I came to BYU when I was 17 and thought I would transfer before I turned 18. I'm almost 21 and still here (and I love almost everything about it). Or when I thought Twilight was going to be a good book
(sorry Edward fans).

Learning is amazing, but too often I learn things I should have already learned. And can things you've learned in the past evaporate, meaning you have to soak them up all over again? Maybe my knowledge has an expiration date. That's not true, but sometimes that's what it feels like.

With all of these wise people around me you'd think I'd be a lot wiser. I don't know how I am so blessed to have such amazing family, leaders and friends. I just hope people judge me based on who I surround myself with and not on some of the things that come out of my mouth, my pen or my keyboard.

This kind of sounds like a depressing post, but really it's not. I'm contemplative, not plaintive.

Friday, May 1, 2009

For Tracy

I have these wonderful videos of Stella and Jake that you need to see.