Monday, January 19, 2009

I don't need Nicole's permission to blog this.

Nicole and I went a little crazy with the camera tonight. We decided to do face masks around midnight and it's a good thing we caught this on film, because this is a memory we wouldn't want to forget. I decided to share it with all of the many followers of my blog despite Nicole's embarrassment.

Warning: Makeup is not present in any of the following pictures. Look at your own expense. And please don't judge me, but feel free to judge Nicole all you want.

I think clean faces is the last thing we should be worrying about.

Like our new shower curtain? Nicole models it so well.

We had a lot of fun, obviously.

"The sad part is, that's what our faces look like normally." -Nicole Terril

I love this moment: Nicole screamed, "We need to get closer!!" Then she put her arm around me and I started laughing hysterically even though I look like I'm crying out in agony.

TA DA! Squeaky clean. I expect a plethora of compliments on my glowing skin tomorrow, fyi.

Friday, January 2, 2009

A new year in an old city

I recently realized that I have very few friends in St. Louis. Actually, I think I have a grand total of two? Maybe three? Sad, I know. I'm all torn up about it. So to bring in 2009, I shot a text over to my friend, Brooke, who goes to BYU as well and we headed downtown for some good old fashion outdoor ice skating. Once we got there, it was packed with families and also cost $9. So we did things our own way. We decided that since we were already downtown we would get pictures of us at our favorite St. Louis places. Enjoy.

The first stop was the St. Louis Art Museum. It's beautiful. And free. Which makes it even more beautiful.

Next was the Boat House. Something sketchy was going down there so we got a picture and ran back to the car. St. Louis is the second most dangerous city, you know, so we were sure to be careful.

Meet me at the Muny. The Muny, in Forest Park! Yes, we had to stop at the Muny which is an outdoor theatre in Forest Park. Unfortunately, no shows were playing. Plus that stupid sign ruined our pictures. But as an added bonus, now we know how to get gift cards for the summer.

Everybody loves the zoo. We couldn't get a picture by the giant cement sign but we settled for the north entrance. Brooke is ferocious.

Turtle Park was turtliscious. We both had never been, but we're definitely going back.

Yes, we did actually make it to the rink. And we would have skated too, if it was free like everything else.

What's a St. Louis tour without a stop at the Arch? This made our night and it was the closest I've ever been.

It was a good way to welcome a new year. We'll see what 2009 brings with it.