Wednesday, November 25, 2009

What are you thankful for?

This is cheesy.
Yes, it was my idea.
I love it.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I love BYU

As I was walking to work today, I saw something that I realize has come to be expected in my time at BYU, but is actually unique for the world as a whole.

Everyone who goes to BYU or has gone to BYU knows those 10 minutes between classes consists of struggling through a maze of people as you attempt to make it to your next destination on time. You will run into or be run into by at least three people. It's inevitable. Today I was rushing between the JFSB and the Swicket (one of the most painful locations) and I saw the typical BYU seen: A boy dropped one of his gloves, and the boy in front of me picked it up and ran to catch up to him. Maybe it is just common courtesy, but I'm so glad I chose BYU (or maybe that BYU chose me).

On the rest of my walk I came up with a list of reasons why I've loved my almost four years here. I apologize since my blog consists mainly of lists, but apparently that's how I digest everything I observe in order to make it understandable. Here it goes.
  1. BYU's education. For over three years my main responsibility has been engorging myself with knowledge then hoping that knowledge is permanent enough to help me pass a test. Most of my days and nights here were spent studying, reading, writing, memorizing, etc. But now I hope that knowledge is ingrained enough to last a lifetime. I think it is, but there's always more to learn.
  2. BYU's people. Oh my gosh. I never knew there were so many incredible people in the world, let alone on one campus. The people here have changed my life, which is pretty cool.
  3. BYU's environment. I'm safe here, but not complacent. I'm moving forward, but not too fast. Of course there are days where I forget and start to compare myself to the thousands of other people here who are better than me, but that just gives me excellent models to follow, right?
  4. BYU's spirit. No, not school spirit. I mean spirit as in the Spirit. My testimony has experienced exponential growth to the fullest degree (see that, I even used a math word which further proves #1). There isn't anywhere else I could have gone that would have provided this kind of solid foundation for my life.
I graduate in April. Yeah, April. I know! APRIL!! Crazy. But on my walk to school today (I guess I think a lot while I'm walking, who knew?), I noticed the sign I pass everyday:

"The World is Our Campus."

Phew. Thanks, BYU, for taking over the world. Now I won't feel quite as homesick when I leave.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Love this

The new music video by Michael Buble, "Haven't Met You Yet" made me smile the whole time. Check it out.