Monday, September 29, 2008

Discoveries made in the library

I've discovered why accountants are notorious for being boring. They can't help it. If my days were full of the stuff they do (which currently they are), I would have absolutely no personality plus I'm almost positive I would have scars on my wrists from where I cut myself. It's that bad. I don't know why I'm even learning this, I'm just going to end up hiring an accountant anyway. I'll be sure to bring them cookies and cards so they can have some form of happiness in their life besides balance sheets and statements of flowing cash.

I've also discovered why I have a blog. My theory is that I'm subconsciously protecting myself from becoming a politician in the future. Someone somewhere will dig this thing up and find some kind of something to hold against me, thus ruining my career and my reputation.

We'll see what another two hours spent in the library lead me to. This is what happens when I study "The Language of Business," aka: Accounting 200.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Meet Apt. 101

Ok, I'm a little behind. Let's catch up.

Apartment 101 bonding day. We "hiked" Squaw Peak. And we looked good doing it.
Now for a quick synopsis into the life I am currently living and the people who make it worth living:

Meet Hannaha Rachel Allen. Currently, the only pictures I have of her are blurry; however, despite the blurriness, it is perfectly clear how awesome she truly is. Hannaha enjoys locking herself in her room, studying accounting, hiding my things, occasionally watching One Tree Hill, spying outside her balcony, watching musicals and people who have absolutely no sense of humor.

Next comes Nicole Michelle Terril. Who knew Nicole has so many hidden talents? Sewing, cooking homemade salty bagels, finding things in her not-so-clean room, cleaning bathrooms, playing the violin, clogging, saying quotable things and the list goes on. Nicole is always happy even when she shouldn't be, as evidenced in this photo.

Introducing "The Other Roommate." She doesn't sleep here, but she's always welcome. Amberber Rogers is a liar and a thief. Though you shouldn't believe anything she says, you're always allowed to laugh hysterically. And you will. Amberber is full of love and hate. At 5'4, she's quite the perfect little bundle of joy.

Driving in the Jeep always makes for a good time.

What a happy family we make.

Yes, I know I am only halfway through September, yet ever since the first week of school I continually tell myself I am already halfway through this semester. I'm not sure why, though, because I have high hopes for my junior year at BYU. Excellent new roommates, excellent new classes and an excellent new ward should all make for an excellent new semester.
Stay tuned.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Starting the day off right

I'm not sure whether or not this story will translate as well in writing as it did when I acted it out for several people tonight, but I'm going to go for it anyway.

This morning as I was leaving my apartment complex headed for a full day of glorious schooling, I came to a point where I had to choose my path. I had two options: Go straight and then make a 90 degree turn onto the sidewalk OR cut through the gravel, jump off a 4 or 5 foot wall and then make my way to the same sidewalk, only a couple feet ahead. Obviously the ladder of the two is the quickest and most fun. Since I am a wall-jumping veteran and had safely landed the day before off the same wall, I had no fear. So I jumped. (Please try your hardest to picture this in your head with my poor description) As I landed, my knees buckled. The top half of my body was now far ahead of my feet, so each foot began making several tiny, awkward steps forward trying to catch up. I lost all control by this point and was simply trying not to crash completely into the gravel. As I descended closer and closer to the ground, trying to regain my balance, my overloaded backpack went up over my head. I was going so fast that my flip-flops had no traction on the gravel and now not only could I not control my body, I couldn't see anything except my backpack in front of my face. Finally I stopped, hands spread out, feet oddly positioned in a way I could never do on purpose, backpack literally in my face, and me so close to the ground I probably looked like I was actually laying on the ground. Here's the best part. Like anyone else would do in this situation, I quickly jumped up and pretended like I was fine and nothing happened. As I turned around to see if anyone saw my mess of a jump, I saw a boy who was walking not far behind me before. He glanced over the wall, and obviously having seen my previous display, made a sharp left and decided to take the long way. I now take credit for saving his life, or at least protecting him from a limb broken in several places. He obviously would not have recovered from a jump of that stature as easily as I. Ha.

I just wish someone would have been there to laugh with me. It's no fun laughing at yourself alone.