Saturday, March 14, 2009

Baseball season is officially here

Last night Nicole and I went to the BYU v Utah baseball game at Miller Park. We got there and couldn't find a seat. That hasn't happened to me in all my years at BYU. It was insane. Apparently it was "Throwback Night" and tickets were 25 cents. Finally we snagged two seats after asking a few people to move down. Then we checked the scoreboard. 11-0 Utah. Grrrrrreat.
It got a little chilly, but luckily we came prepared with blankets. Over the next couple innings BYU fought back pretty ferociously. So we decided to celebrate. Long ago (last season) Nicole and I made a commitment to one day eat the infamous Cougar Tails at a baseball game. They are donut-like treats people buy in a long brown paper bag (maybe BYU's alcohol equivalent?). We decided tonight was the night. After finagling the cashier a little bit since we only had enough money on both our signature cards put together, we left with 2 tails and 1 hot dog. We were pumped.

Here's the kicker. It turns out those tails are a lot longer than they look. I swear Cosmo's real tail isn't even that long. About a third of the way in, we were both sick. But we were determined. I am happy to say that on Friday, March 13, 2009, Nicole and I achieved our goal. Yes, we both swallowed two feet of donut. My stomach has never moved in that many directions before. It was so worth it.
The after shot. We don't really look like we ate ourselves sick, instead I look destraught and Nicole looks perplexed. I guess modeling is not in our futures.
(PS- I also discovered Nicole has a fear of Cosmo. He came up to us several times and every time she flinched and backed away. Who knew? I'm never letting her live this one down.)

By the eigth inning, we were tied 13-13. It was amazing. I would totally type in all the events that led up to that magnificent score, but I fear I would lose several of my few readers. But seriously, I've never been to a BYU sporting event that exciting. I found myself on my feet screaming several times unintentionally.

Sadly, because of one error in the top of the ninth, we lost 15-13. But it was still sooooo good. Nicole and I kept our brown paper bags to remember the magic.

Quotes of the night:

1. "If you had another eye, you'd be a cyclops!!!!" - A guy behind us to an ump after a HORRIBLE call. This was one I'd never heard before, but I liked it.
2. "If we lose this game, you guys all owe me 25 cents." - Another guy seated behind us
3. "Hey, did you guys see my picture in the Daily Universe? It was in there." - The same guy who made the 25 cent comment - he was really funny but it probably doesn't translate as well.
4. "Oh. My. Godness..... uhhh.... I was going to say 'gosh' but then I started to say 'goodness'."
- Nicole Terril

Nicole and I decided that throw back night became throw down night when we decided to down the tails, but quickly turned into throw up night after we actually did down them.

I love this sport.

Friday, March 13, 2009

A quick jab at Utah + an update

For those of you who are avid readers of my blog that I update oh-so-much, you will remember a past post I wrote, what, back in June 08? entitled "Cupcake Nation." For new readers, a brief overview: I talked of cupcakes taking over the universe, basically. It was outdated then. SURPRISE! Utah is just now catching on. For a state that replaces alcohol, drugs and other such addictions with ice cream, jello and ultimate Frisbee, you would think Utah would be the inventor of this infectious trend. Nope. For some reason I find that a little disappointing.

Recently I've received a good number of complaints claiming that my blog is craving an "update"; however, I sat for a good 3 minutes and realized I have nothing to update anyone on. Still school, still work, still happy, still a little bit pathetic. At least I'm consistent.

Here's a few pictures of the past two months to satisfy any unsatisfied readers.

I went home and surprised my mom in February for her birthday. Thanks to my awesome Aunt Jenny and a few innocent white lies, the surprise was a success. It was a great weekend. Isn't she beautiful?

I took my brother and sister to Castlewood (my fourth favorite place on earth as of now) and hiked. It was perfect, as always.

I love this little girl SO much. I got to see her dance when I went home and she is quite a talented three-year-old.

Jake is a hard little worker. He talks so much now and we have recently discovered his natural talent of performing in front of a live audience. He also gets embarrassed easily which we learned when I started dancing and he screamed "Caity!!!" repeatedly until I stopped. No one blamed him and everyone was grateful.

Evidence that I have no talent in all things "Wii." Add it to the list.

Apparently I only take pictures when I'm home, but I found this one and it's a keeper. Amber, Nicole, Brooke and I all recently learned that we love the Throwdown. Ultimate fighting? Oh yes please.

Since according to my blog February 09 didn't exist, here's a list of things I would have/should have/could have blogged about.

Good Things February:
1. I got to go home and see my family. The last time I was home in February was 06.
2. I got a 95% on a test at the testing center which means it was highlighted with a note like "Great Job!" next to it. The last time I got a 95% on a test was probably also in 06.
3. Baseball started, which only means good things.
4. I saw my friend, Kate, for the first time in six months before she went into the MTC. She's beautiful in and out.
5. I had a lot of really good days.

Good Things March (so far):
1. We set up a want-to-be ping pong table at work. Who knew a hexagon shaped table and dollar store paddles could be so fun?
2. I went hiking with Brooke. It turned into snow shoeing. FYI: just because the weather is beautiful does not mean the snow in the mountains is melted.
3. I finally finished season 2 of 24. Bring on season 3.

Happy now?